Sarah Green is a storyteller and designer who is dedicated to sharing the world’s untold stories. With a skillset lying in in the areas of multimedia journalism, graphic design, and creative communication, she aims to provide people with a platform where they can reclaim their narratives. Having lived in both Europe and North America has ignited her passion for global travel and has expanded her understanding on the significance of storytelling.


Throughout her journalism career, Sarah has been published over 30 times on a variety of platforms including CBC News, The Calgary Journal, The Reflector, and Dote Magazine. In her reporting, Sarah has delved into a wide range of topics including intergenerational trauma, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, and the opioid crisis.


In her journalism undergrad, Sarah co-founded Femme, an annual print magazine designed to celebrate and empower women through creative expression. Over the past two years, she has published two magazines and has received over 100 submissions from women across North America. In essence, Femme is a tangible representation of her passion not only for print editorial, but for womanhood.

Currently, you can find Sarah holed up in a coffeeshop brainstorming her next pitch, tracking down her next source, and organizing her email inbox.


Rose De Souza is a multimedia journalist and writer. She has published stories about the barriers and challenges immigrants face when settling in Canada, the support systems and the lack thereof for immigrants and refugees, the setbacks of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry and the stories of families of victims, to name a few. 


A recipient of the Esmail and Safana Bharwani Award in Journalism for her involvement in campus activities, Rose spent two years working for Mount Royal University’s student paper The Reflector while publishing multimedia stories for the university’s publication, the Calgary Journal. 


She went on to write for British Columbia’s forestry company Tolko Industries Ltd., where her stories were picked up and published on the Vernon Morning Star. Rose then spent time developing content as an editorial intern for the U.S. publication, Rocky Mountain Bride magazine. 


In 2019, Rose took part in a nationwide investigative project under Concordia University’s Institute for Investigative Journalism. Her work, along with other investigative journalists, reported on the poor quality of Canada’s drinking water and exposed the government’s inaction to resolve the situation. The story was published on Global News and Star Metro Calgary


Today, you can find Rose in local coffee shops developing her next story.

Isabelle Bennett (Bagshaw) is a storyteller with a passion for photography, writing, and multimedia.


At a very early age, she remembers and using her point-and-shoot camera to photograph the outfits of her Barbie Dolls, which she used to fill the tiny pages of their prop newspapers. After many equipment upgrades and significantly cleaning up her copy, she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful and empowering project such as this.


Isabelle’s stories may also be found on CBC News, where she has done more exploration on the topic of immigrants and refugees, or in magazines such as the Okotokian or Pathways. She has spent time reporting for the Okotoks Western Wheel (presently named Okotoks Today), working on the government and public affairs team for Syncrude Canada Ltd., serving as features editor for the Reflector, and holding editorial positions for the Calgary Journal.


Her talents have also enabled her to find success within her own lifestyle photography business, where she uses her eye for journalism to capture relationships and moments in meaningful, beautiful ways. But as much as Isabelle is fascinated by a camera’s ability to stop time, she is excited to see her life’s story evolve in the coming years. 

Andi Endruhn is a writer and graphic designer who loves exploring the world through the people who live in it. She’s passionate about investigating how history and statistics can teach us more than just the facts, and finding creative ways to integrate them into the stories of real life people. 


As a child Andi became obsessed with magazines and newspapers, asking whatever adult nearest to her to read the articles out loud to her before she could read. Now, with a couple more skills under her belt, she strives to help tell the stories that she fell in love with as a child. 


During the first years of her journalism undergrad, she co-founded a digital website named Vamp. Created after seeing a gap in local coverage of arts and culture, Vamp focused on covering Calgary’s arts and culture through a feminist and LGBTQ+ lens, and ran for three years. Since then, she has worked for Mount Royal University’s student paper The Reflector for four years, working her way up from staff writer to her current position as the publishing editor. She has also held editorial positions for both the digital and print publications of the Calgary Journal. Her writing has been published in the Calgary Herald, the Calgary Journal, and the Reflector. 


You can find Andi still surrounded by magazines, with a coffee and her dog, looking for her next story. 

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